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Services Offered at Dempsey & Baxter

Dempsey & Baxter is northwest Pennsylvania’s leading name in jewelry, coins, precious metals & collectibles. We offer the follow services on-site. Jewelry Repair & Restoration Ring sizing, chain repair, pearl stringing,soldering, stone tightening , stone replacement, watch batteries, watch link removal, rhodium plating, and more! Three master jewelers on-site utilize the most advanced laser technology for repairs Museum… Continue reading Services Offered at Dempsey & Baxter

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Items We Buy

Since 1968, Dempsey & Baxter has gained a reputation for honest dealings and consistently highest offers. We specialize in rare coins and jewelry, also offering expert appraisals of fine arts and collectibles.

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5 Rare Coins that Made History at Dempsey & Baxter and Around The World

This blog post comes from Chris Dempsey: Over the course of 50+ years, Dempsey and Baxter has been fortunate to have handled some of the rarest and most famous rare coins in existence.  From the famous 1999 Penny/Dime mule, to the more recent “Dicer” Hobo nickel by George Washington “Bo” Hughes, here are a handful… Continue reading 5 Rare Coins that Made History at Dempsey & Baxter and Around The World

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Having FUN at The Florida Numismatists Convention

Recently Jack, Sherri and Chris Dempsey attended the F.U.N. or “Florida United Numismatists” Convention. There were over 1500 dealers and exhibitors, as well as 15,000 coin collectors who bought and sold rare coins there. Dempsey & Baxter’s late founder Jack Baxter in addition to Jack L., Jack M., Chris and Sherri, have been involved with the professional organization for many… Continue reading Having FUN at The Florida Numismatists Convention

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Got Pinterest?

This is Ashley. She is the Pinterest expert at Dempsey & Baxter and she has been pinning jewelry, coins and other unique things for D & B since the fall of 2012. So what is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online tool that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the… Continue reading Got Pinterest?

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Rare Hobo Nickel Purchased for $24,200

It’s not often that an item comes up for sale that not only encompasses the entirety of a collecting genre, but also sets the record for highest price recorded in that genre. The “Dicer” Hobo Nickel, a coin carved by George Washington “Bo” Hughes in 1939, is easily the most recognizable and famous old original… Continue reading Rare Hobo Nickel Purchased for $24,200


Paul McCartney Collects Coins?

Paul McCartney Collects Coins? From Pinterest: “CELEBRITY COLLECTOR – Paul McCartney – COINS – Though he is not a noted numismatist, his involvement mostly comes from situations that affected his band in the early days. McCartney has stated that The Beatles were pelted with pennies at a few shows early in their career. At the end… Continue reading Paul McCartney Collects Coins?