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JTOTD: The #1 Reason to Visit to Your Local Jewelers this Holiday

You should visit Dempsey & Baxter this holiday season, the region’s only family-owned business with three jewelers on staff, because…

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Services Offered at Dempsey & Baxter

Dempsey & Baxter is northwest Pennsylvania’s leading name in jewelry, coins, precious metals & collectibles. We offer the follow services on-site. Jewelry Repair & Restoration Ring sizing, chain repair, pearl stringing,soldering, stone tightening , stone replacement, watch batteries, watch link removal, rhodium plating, and more! Three master jewelers on-site utilize the most advanced laser technology for repairs Museum… Continue reading Services Offered at Dempsey & Baxter

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Items We Buy

Since 1968, Dempsey & Baxter has gained a reputation for honest dealings and consistently highest offers. We specialize in rare coins and jewelry, also offering expert appraisals of fine arts and collectibles.

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#JTOTD – Laser Repairs are Made to Last

We’ve talked a lot about preventative care, but what do you do when you (inevitably) need a jewelry repair?

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#JTOTD: Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

Vintage watches make the perfect canvas to create a family heirloom.


Lottery History

If you have been following the lottery news the last couple of months, you have already heard about the $338 million dollar Powerball ticket and the $2 million dollar lottery winner. But do you know what this is? Jack (my dad) came across this Continental Congress lottery ticket from 1776. That is one old lottery ticket! According to… Continue reading Lottery History