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Quilts of Valor Offers Comfort To Wounded Soldiers

Veteran’s Day is a great time to honor those who serve our country. A few weeks ago I discovered that Sherri Dempsey (my mom) has been making Quilts of Valor for service members and veterans touched by war. This project is very important to her and I can see how comforting and healing these quilts… Continue reading Quilts of Valor Offers Comfort To Wounded Soldiers


Happy Father’s Day…

You know him as “Jack” at Dempsey & Baxter. I know him as my dad. Happy Father’s Day to a great dad and to all the other fathers out there!


Celebrating A Great Mom

While she is instrumental to us in the business at Dempsey & Baxter, I don’t think many people realize how much my mom does (and continues to do) for the Erie community and how important she is to our family. It was my mom that first taught me about strength, kindness and the importance of standing up… Continue reading Celebrating A Great Mom

Community Events

Dempsey & Baxter Softball Team Wins 1st Victory at Season Opener

The Dempsey & Baxter softball team opened the 2013 season with an 8-3 victory over the AJs Bayview. According to the Facebook page, Adam Gray, Dan Bertolini, and Dave Gnacinski all had multiple hits for Dempsey & Baxter while Brian Dewey got the win, throwing a three hitter. Organized in 2003, the Dempsey & Baxter… Continue reading Dempsey & Baxter Softball Team Wins 1st Victory at Season Opener


Lottery History

If you have been following the lottery news the last couple of months, you have already heard about the $338 million dollar Powerball ticket and the $2 million dollar lottery winner. But do you know what this is? Jack (my dad) came across this Continental Congress lottery ticket from 1776. That is one old lottery ticket! According to… Continue reading Lottery History

Community Events

Visit Us at Wine On The Lake

Join us Saturday, March 23rd at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Tickets at We are located at booth “S.” There will be chances to win a beautiful necklace and receive a free wine bag if you are one of the first 100 people to visit us!


What’s So Special About This Old Piece of Paper?

  What’s so special about this piece of paper? Although its condition has been affected by pinholes and silverfish, this 15 Shillings note was printed by Benjamin Franklin! (and David Hall) June 1, 1759: