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#JTOTD: 3 Must-Have Tips to Care for New Jewelry

Did you receive a new piece of jewelry this Christmas? Here are three must-have tips for its care!


  1. Ask about proper cleaning – If you received a new gemstone – such as opal, tanzanite or Roman glass – visit Dempsey & Baxter to ensure you have the appropriate cleaning supplies and instructions on how to clean your gemstone. Not all stones are alike, professional instruction ensures you have all the right tools to get the job done.
  2. Store delicate items separately – Did you receive pearls? Store these pieces on their own or in a jewelry storage pouch to ensure that they remain free from surface scratches and abrasions.
  3. Have items sized to perfect the fit – Rings, bracelets and necklaces often arrive in store in “stock” sizes. Achieve the perfect fit by stopping into Dempsey & Baxter to have your finger measured and have your ring sized accordingly, or to have links or length removed from necklaces or bracelets. Proper fit is crucial for the most comfortable and best looking jewelry.

Stop in to Dempsey & Baxter this week for further assistance!

Shine Bright ~ Ashley


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