JTOTD: December Birthstones Delight

Gone are the days of just one choice of birthstone for each month. December babies are lucky enough to choose from at least five! Zircon, blue topaz, turquoise, tanzanite and lapis lazuli all grace the list of December birthstones. Each gemstone showcases unique characteristics among varied price points. Whichever you choose to represent the birth month of December, you are sure to be wowed!

Shine Bright~ Ashley


Natural Zircon Colors Heat-treated Zircon

Zircon is a double-refractive gemstone, meaning it has twice as many facets that give off twice as much fire and brilliance. It comes in a wide variety of earth tone shades, and is often spotted in the heat-treated shade of bright blue. Zircon is thought to bring honor, wisdom and riches.


Blue Topaz Topaz

Topaz comes in a rainbow of shades, and is a pleochroic gem, meaning it can show different colors in different directions! It is believed to give strength.


Tourquoise Turquoise: December’s Birthstone, Loved for its Sky Blue Color

Turquoise ranges from vivid blue to green, and serves as the traditional birthstone for December. One of the earliest know gems dating back to ancient Egypt and China, turquoise is considered to bring good health, fortune and protection from evil.


 All About Birthstones: Tanzanite in December

In the world of gems, tanzanite is just a newcomer, being discovered in Tanzania in 1967. Demonstrating the same pleochroic qualities as topaz, tanzanite can be both purple and blue when viewed from different directions.



Lapis Lazuli’s vivid blue color has been treasured for nearly 6,500 years. The beautiful golden flecks in the stone are formed by deposits of pyrite. Here’s a neat fact – the lapis mines that were producing in 700 BC are still yielding gemstones today!

Sources: GIA Zircon, GIA Topaz, GIA Turquoise, GIA Tanzanite, GIA Lapis Lazuli



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