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#JTOTD: Turn Left for Trollbeads!

Calling all Trollbeads fans!

We are all creatures of habit, right? So when you stop into Dempsey & Baxter, you typically come in the front door and make a right for your favorite handmade glass and silver charms. Not anymore! We’ve made a change, and Trollbeads are now located through the front door and to the LEFT!

I know, I know. You’re all saying, “but Ashley, change is hard!” I am confident, however, that you will be pleased with the new set up! It offers more space, light, and access to all of your favorite Trollbeads charms and accessories.

Check out the new and improved location below, and be sure to stop in to Dempsey & Baxter’s Jewelry Soiree Weekend, November 26-27, to see it for yourself!

Shine Bright~Ashley

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