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#JTOTD: Adorn Fall Hats for Instant Glam

I even hate to say it, but in Northwestern Pennsylvania, fall is in full swing. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall! So much in fact, my husband and I were married in October 6 years ago. I love the crisp air, comfort food, fashion, and home decor.

What I don’t love? The one thing that comes after fall—–SN*W. I can’t even bear to write the word out in its entirety. I am not a winter person, so any excuse to jazz up my least favorite season is a win in my books.

Today’s #JTOTD is all about adding some sizzle to your fall and winter head wear. While there are many floppy suede hats that are on trend right now, we can’t forget about the tried and true, knit.

It’s a standby that works, adding much needed warmth in our blustery Lake Effect winters. Despite different knits, what doesn’t always work is how plain they can be.

Enter your favorite brooch! Maybe you have a pretty bobble given to you by Grandma, or a pin you picked up at a weekend flea market. Add it to the center of a knit headband or adorn the side of a knit cap to add just a bit of pizzazz to this fall and winter staple.

Don’t have a brooch? Stop in to Dempsey & Baxter Jewelers to check out our collection of both new and vintage brooches.

Shine Bright ~Ashley

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Sources: PinterestPolyvore



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