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#JTOTD: Make Your Jewelry Wishlist TODAY


Don’t we all just love a hint? Whether on a test or game – and most especially for gift-giving – a clue is the secret we all love to receive!

Give your gift-giver the best hint this year by filling out a Dempsey & Baxter Wishlist! By selecting an array of jewelry and accessories in different price ranges, your gifter will be able to choose the perfect present just for you. They will be pleased to give you something that you want, and you will be thrilled to receive a gift that is just perfect for you.

Stop into Dempsey & Baxter TODAY to check out our exciting new lineup of jewelry, jewelry boxes, and accessories. Make your picks early, then send your Santa in so that the Dempsey & Baxter elves can help make your holiday just a little brighter!

Shine Bright ~ Ashley

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