#JTOTD · Birthstones · Bridal · Jewelry

#JTOTD: Personalized Jewelry

The personalized jewelry trend is not going out of style anytime soon! So if you are looking for some unique ways to personalize an existing piece of jewelry, or a big occasion is on the horizon, take note of these ideas – and pass them on to your favorite gift giver!

Classic Engraving Ideas:

  • Names – “Dempsey & Baxter,” “Dempsey + Baxter,” or “Dempsey, Baxter, Jewelers (family names, children names, etc)
  • Dates – September 27, 2016, 9/26/16, 9.26.16, or 9-26-16 (dates when you met, married, had a child or another momentous occasion)
  • Initials – D&B, D+B, or D and B (you and your spouse, family, mother and child, etc)
  • Scripture – Colossians 3:14, 1 Corinthians 16:14, or Ephesians 4:2

Contemporary Engraving Ideas:

  • Quotes or song lyrics – “You are my person,” “Today, tomorrow, & always,” “All you need is love,” or “Truly, madly, deeply
  • Funny or “unique to you” phrases – “Property of ______,” “Put me back on,” or  “Do not remove”
  • Coordinates – 2.1292° N, 80.0851° W (Erie, PA – where you met), 46.6812° N, 68.0159° W (Presque Isle – your favorite place to watch the sunset)




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