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#JTOTD: Order of the Rings

I gave myself a little chuckle while writing the title for today’s #JTOTD – sounds like a movie, right?


Just like everything else in our world, wedding traditions are constantly evolving. What was once a steadfast rule a decade or two ago could now be passe. A question we regularly receive at Dempsey & Baxter concerns wedding band tradition.

“In what order do I wear my engagement ring and wedding band once I am married?”

If you ask, we’ll likely share that the engagement ring is the “promise,” and the wedding band is the “promise kept.” Therefore, the band should be worn closest to your heart, followed by your engagement ring. But in the same breath, we’ll often tell you that it’s up to you! You’re wearing your wedding set so ultimately, it’s all about how you would like to feature each piece.

***Sorry for you “Type A” personalities out there looking for a black and white rule ; )***

Shine Bright~ Ashley

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