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#JTOTD: Jewelry Inspection 101

Is everyone out there doing the “back to school” happy dance? Well don’t get too excited – it’s time for us to get a quick lesson in jewelry inspection!

It’s in our nature to be emotionally connected to our jewelry. Whether your wedding set or an heirloom handed down from generations past, replacing the sentiment of your jewelry is going to be far more difficult then a thorough inspection and cleaning every six months.

Though we often think of our jewelry as invincible, it can be both strong and delicate, bold and brittle.

A self-inspection is your first line of defense. Are you noticing that your engagement ring keeps snagging your clothes, or that your prongs just look a little out of whack? It may be time to stop in to Dempsey & Baxter for a complimentary jewelry inspection.

Here are the top three things that we inspect when you bring your jewelry to Dempsey & Baxter:

    1. Prongs – We check prong placement, metal wear, and for lifting. Prongs hold stones in their place and can be found on most every piece of jewelry. They are inspected to ensure that they are in the proper location on the stone, that the amount of metal left on the prong is sufficient to secure the stone, and that your prongs tightly fit against the stone.retipping-illustration
    2. Ring Shank – We examine a ring’s shank for thickness and wear. A ring shank that is in top condition will be round in shape and thick with metal, as opposed to “out-of-round” or paper thin.
    3. Stone Tightness – We test every stone for tightness and spinning. Stones should be tight in their place, as opposed to rocking or spinning in their seat.


My advice? A bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way when it comes to heading off heartache, costly jewelry repairs, and stone replacement!

Shine Bright ~ Ashley

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