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#JTOTD – Laser Repairs are Made to Last

So far in our #JTOTD series, we’ve talked a lot about preventative care of your jewelry, be it storage or cleaning. But let’s say that something does happen to your favorite piece of jewelry (which despite our best efforts, inevitably does happen), or that you’ve inherited an heirloom in need of some TLC. What is your next step?

First, find a jeweler who specializes in repairs and museum quality restoration, such as Dempsey & Baxter Jewelers. By relying on the services of a trusted and established jeweler, you are leaving your prized jewelry in the best hands. You wouldn’t go to a hairstylist for a filling, or your dentist for a haircut, so why would you trust anyone but an established jeweler for these types of repairs?

Dempsey & Baxter utilizes both classic and modern repair techniques, including laser technology. Why is a laser important? Well, many heirloom pieces of jewelry are made of platinum. This precious metal is very durable, but also complex to work with when completing repairs or restoration. Traditional techniques heat the metal to a very high temperature, requiring a jeweler to remove all stones in the piece of jewelry prior to repair. This ensures that the work can be completed without heat damage to the jewelry, but is very time intensive, and in turn, expensive. By utilizing laser light energy, the jeweler can target the exact area in need of repair with pinpoint accuracy, using matching metal wire (not solder fill), and little need to remove the stones. This allows the jeweler to complete repairs faster, and more effectively. Using a laser is also invaluable when repairing delicate chains or hard to reach places on a ring’s under gallery.

After using a laser, you are left with a seamless repair,  and one that is undeniably stronger than a traditional solder joint. Pretty cool, right?

If you are interested in learning more about how our repair and museum quality restorations may be of benefit to your jewelry collection, stop in to Dempsey & Baxter with your questions.

Shine Bright~ Ashley

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