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#JTOTD: Saying “I Do” to Soldering Your Wedding Set

One question we often receive by new brides at Dempsey & Baxter is –

“Should I solder my engagement ring and wedding band together?”

This is an excellent question, with a few different ways to arrive at the best answer for your personal circumstance. Both methods offer advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a closer look below.

Protects Your Investment
When you wear two rings side-by-side, the friction of the rings sliding next to each other can wear down the finish on each ring, erasing delicate designs and thinning the rings over time. Additionally, if both rings have diamonds that are exposed on the side, they can rub against and damage each other. This undue wear and tear on your wedding set is the main reason we recommend soldering your engagement ring and wedding band together.

Enhances Fit
When rings are separated – especially modern bands featuring curves or contours to fit intricate engagement ring designs –  you are left to re-align or re-position your rings on your finger so that they are “just right.” If you opt to solder the rings together, they will always be perfectly positioned, and are less likely to spin on your finger.



So if soldering your rings together is such a great option, why would you choose not to do it? Well, the top reason we receive is to allow for greater flexibility – for travel, work, or just running errands. If you would like to be able to wear your band on its own for any of these reasons, you may consider leaving them unsoldered.

On a personal note, I chose to have my wedding set soldered together. My Type-A personality loves that they are always perfectly aligned! I have many friends, however, that have opted to keep their rings separate, and love the flexibility it has offered.

Do you have questions about soldering your rings together? Stop in and talk to our team to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Shine Bright ~ Ashley

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