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#JTOTD: Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

Ok, I have to admit – there are certain pins that I pin out of sheer love for design, and there are others that I pin knowing that I must make them. Today’s #JTOTD is one of the pins that are on my to do list!

While browsing through Pinterest jewelry ideas, I stumbled across this beauty:


How amazing is this idea? We often have customers bring in vintage watches that they have inherited, but have no idea on how to repurpose these pieces of nostalgia.

The original intention I saw was to wear this jewelry on a wedding day, but I love it as a sweet way to keep your family members close – no matter the day. You could incorporate a picture of the loved one that the watch belonged to, or perhaps a child or your sweetheart.

I hope today’s tip offered you a bit of inspiration for a piece of vintage jewelry that you may have in your jewelry box.

Shine Bright~Ashley

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