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#JTOTD: Don’t Press Your Luck when Traveling with Jewelry

Yea! Summer has “officially” arrived with yesterday’s Summer Solstice. That means it’s time for another tip to keep your jewelry in one place and tangle-free while traveling this summer – and beyond!

I have not personally tried out this tip, however, Good Housekeeping offered up this travel “hack” and I’d be willing to give it a try.

press n seal jewelry

  • Start by laying out one sheet of Press ‘n Seal plastic wrap, large enough to accommodate the number of items you are packing.
  • Next, place your jewelry items individually on the surface.
  • Last, lay another sheet of the plastic wrap on top of the jewelry, pressing down to secure the two pieces together.

This technique creates a seal that will keep your jewelry in its place, and not all over your suitcase!

Shine Bright~Ashley

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