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#JTOTD: How to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Tarnish-Free

Today’s jewelry tip of the day is all about sterling silver. It’s awesome and affordable, so you can esterling beforeasily pick up a few trend pieces each season without breaking the bank.

But have  you ever gone to wear a favorite piece of sterling silver jewelry and find it looking dull and blackened?

According to the Jewelers of America, silver tarnishes when exposed to oxygen. This process leaves a dark, black buildup.

Wearing your silver jewelry can help prevent tarnish. But when you’re ready to put it in your jewelry box, here are a few jewelry storage tips that combat tarnish:

  • Store your clean silver jewelry in an airtight storage bag
  • Use tarnish prevention strips stored with your sterling silver jewelry

Is your jewelry already tarnished? Try using a polishing cloth or silver jewelry cleaner to remove the corrosion. If it needs more help, drop your pieces off at Dempsey & Baxter for a buff and polish to bring them back to their full luster.


Shine Bright~ Ashley

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