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#JTOTD: Avoid Summer Jewelry Damage with this #1 Tip

Memorial Day has come and gone, so it seems that summer is officially underway! That means time at the pool and beach, wearing all of your favorite jewelry, right?


No way! Today’s #JTOTD is aimed at avoiding a common form of jewelry damage we see at Dempsey & Baxter: chlorine damage.

Chlorine damage is characterized by pitting or discoloration in precious metal jewelry. Chemicals, like chlorine, weaken gold jewelry by leeching out its alloys. This not only affects the surface, but also makes the internal structures of clasps and stone settings brittle. Jewelry with this type of damage is at risk of breaking at weakened links or possibly losing stones due to damaged prongs.

So you’re probably wondering, “how can this be avoided?”

  1. Remove your jewelry when headed to chlorinated pools and hot tubs.
  2. Sand and salt water also lead to tarnishing or corrosion, so leave your jewelry at home before heading to the beach.
  3. Surprisingly, sunscreens and sweat can also accelerate this corrosive process.
  4. If your jewelry has been exposed to any of these scenarios, thoroughly clean and dry it as soon as possible, as chemicals or salt water that stay on the surface will continue to damage it.

I hope this tip helps you to care for your jewelry while enjoying the surf and sand this summer!

Shine Bright ~Ashley

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