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#JTOTD: Choosing a Necklace Based on Your Neckline

When getting ready for work or a special occasion, I’ve often wondered what necklace would look best with my outfit. Our jewelry partner, Gabriel & Co., created this helpful visual guide that can help you select the best necklace for your neckline.

neckline edit (1)

Strapless – Choose a pendant that lies higher on your neck, such as a choker, a solitaire pendant on a thin chain, or a bold statement piece.

Turtleneck –  A layered look of longer necklaces or a single pendant on a long chain that glides easily over the fabric is your best bet to accent this neckline.

Halter – A necklace with a pendant that has some visual interest and compliments the “v” of this neckline is always a classy choice.

Boat neck – Try contrasting the horizontal neckline with a layered look; one necklace that sports a pendant or drop, another that delicately frames it.

Off the Shoulder – A choker similar to the “strapless” look works for this neckline, however, you could also try a layered look with varying lengths and widths.

Crew/Jewel – To compliment the rounded neckline, try a link chain or a loose combination of chain and jewels.

Button down – A “wear to work” and casual wardrobe staple, this one can be the trickiest neckline to decipher. The nature of this neckline means your chest stays partially hidden, so try wearing a uniform link or stone look, at a length that sits above the highest closed button.

I hope that these suggestions help you the next time you need some necklace advice!

Shine Bright ~Ashley

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