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Straw Makes it a Breeze to Travel with Delicate Necklaces (#JTOTD)

Whether for work, weddings, or just a weekend away….summertime often means more travel, which can certainly be a good thing!

I have been traveling recently (more blog posts to come on this topic!), and stumbled upon this Pinterest packing “hack” when traveling with delicate necklaces- use a straw to keep them from tangling!

Now, I know we all love a good challenge from time to time, but who wants to spend an hour (at least) on vacation untangling a delicate necklace?? Not this girl. So let’s examine how this works.

First, find a straw

No, no, just a PLAIN straw. 😉 

Second, check the length of the straw against the necklace and trim if necessary (for example, this necklace was 16 inches).   

Third, thread one end of the unhooked necklace through the straw.

Last, clasp necklace latch to end ring. Place necklace in jewelry travel pouch.

Voila! You are certain to arrive to your destination tangle free. If this trick- or another jewelry packing hack- has helped you, let us know in the comments below!

Shine bright~Ashley

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