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Dempsey & Baxter’s Jewelry Tip of the Day: #JTOTD

Welcome to Dempsey & Baxter’s first Jewelry Tip of the Day, or #JTOTD! I’d like to take this time each Tuesday to share a helpful tip about jewelry. This can be cleaning, storage, or even suggestions on how to incorporate the latest jewelry trends into your wardrobe.

Let’s be honest – how many times have you taken a closer look at your jewelry storage area and seen this:

Yikes. I have to admit mine has looked like this one too many times. You get in a hurry, toss in your necklace/earrings/rings so that you can “safely” store them, then return another day to find THIS. You now need to spend HOURS untangling your tangled mess. Not to mention all the damage that you could be causing your jewelry…..

So let’s start with the basics of basics – storage for jewelry. Whether it fashion or fine, new or vintage, properly stored jewelry will keep looking its best for years to come. Here are a few simple reminders:

  1. Be gentle: Be sure to carefully place jewelry in its holder – tossing your jewelry into a jewelry box or onto a counter can lead to scratches or damage to gemstones.
  2. Store individually: Most jewelry comes in a pouch or box, so take advantage of storing it there – easy peasy!
  3. Consider the metal or gemstone: Unlike pearls or opals which draw moisture from the air, sterling silver does best when stored in an anti-tarnish bag to avoid contact with the air. Always consider the qualities of the jewelry you are looking to store.

As a reminder, having your fine jewelry professionally checked and cleaned at least once per year – ideally twice – will also extend its life and wear. Dempsey & Baxter is always happy to provide this complimentary service, whether the jewelry was or was not purchased at the store.

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Shine Bright! ~Ashley


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