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Pearl – June’s Timeless Birthstone

Wearing pearls is as classic a fashion statement as the LBD (little black dress). They are often gifted to graduates or brides-to-be to commemorate one of life’s many special occasions.


To keep your pearls looking their best, here are a few tips to protect the delicate outer layer, or nacre.

  • Avoid dulling the appearance of your pearls by putting them on last – after makeup, lotion, perfume or hairspray. Here’s some good news; frequent wear of your pearls will actually coat them in your skin’s natural oils, enhancing their luster.
  • Avoid exposing your pearls to harsh chemicals or cleaners; it will strip the nacre, leaving you with a dull pearl.
  • Clean pearls using a delicate jewelry cleaner.  Either dip a soft cotton cloth in the cleaner and gently rub the pearls, or dip the entire strand in the cleaner. Be sure, however, that they dry overnight on a clean, dry cloth to ensure the silk string does not stretch.
  • Store pearls separately to avoid scratches.

Source: Connoisseurs


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