Troll Beads

Christmas Card Exchange Connects Trollbead Collectors Near and Far

Each year, Trollbeads invites their friends from around the world to send and receive Christmas cards. As of this writing, nearly 15,000 cards have been registered as received on the Trollbeads website. This was my first year participating in the event, and I would absolutely do it again!

global stamp

The event, like having a modern day pen pal, took place during the month of December. I was so excited to go to the post office and purchase global postage – a first for me!

In all, I sent 5 Christmas cards, and received the same number in return. It was so much fun going to the mail box in anticipation of a new card!

I would absolutely participate again, because to be honest, isn’t it nice to receive something special in the mail? In today’s social media and technology laden world, it’s nice to communicate with someone in a very traditional way. It brings us all a little closer, and makes our great big world seem just a tiny bit smaller.


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