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Quilts of Valor Offers Comfort To Wounded Soldiers

Veteran’s Day is a great time to honor those who serve our country. A few weeks ago I discovered that Sherri Dempsey (my mom) has been making Quilts of Valor for service members and veterans touched by war. This project is very important to her and I can see how comforting and healing these quilts are to those who have received them. Click here for the NBC Nightly News story that really tells the story of the impact of these quilts. It is hard not to tear up when veterans talk about what these quilts mean for them in this video:


These are two of the quilts mom made that were sent to a veteran in Kentucky who volunteered to award them to two Army veterans – one who saw action in Irag and the other who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  These deserving recipients were nominated for quilts after Brian Williams featured Quilts of Valor on the NBC Nightly News.  She also recently sent a quilt to a drug and alcohol center at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. It will also be awarded to a veteran who has served in a current war zone who is experiencing difficulties trying to readjust when home.

Quilts of Valor 007

Quilts of Valor 008

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting this project or know a veteran or someone touched by war, please visit the Quilts of Valor Foundation for more information. Click here to donate to the Quilts of Valor Foundation.


7 thoughts on “Quilts of Valor Offers Comfort To Wounded Soldiers

  1. I would also like to thank the quilters on these Quilt of Valor projects. Kristin Bowyer and Sharon Sweetland deserve a big shoutout for their contribution. I’m the piecer and the finisher. They are the glue that puts it all together. Sherri

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