Lottery History

If you have been following the lottery news the last couple of months, you have already heard about the $338 million dollar Powerball ticket and the $2 million dollar lottery winner.

But do you know what this is?


Jack (my dad) came across this Continental Congress lottery ticket from 1776. That is one old lottery ticket! According to him, this particular ticket was considered a “third class” ticket which cost $30 for a chance to win various sums of money ranging from $40 to $30,000.

Over the years I have seen a lot of history-related artifacts like this, as the family traveled (and continues to travel) to coin and antique shows. Customers also come in to D & B on a regular basis sharing great stories of valuable things their family collected. We love those stories! Have something with a story you would like to share? Stop in and see us and visit our Facebook page.



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