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5 Rare Coins that Made History at Dempsey & Baxter and Around The World

This blog post comes from Chris Dempsey:

Over the course of 50+ years, Dempsey and Baxter has been fortunate to have handled some of the rarest and most famous rare coins in existence.  From the famous 1999 Penny/Dime mule, to the more recent “Dicer” Hobo nickel by George Washington “Bo” Hughes, here are a handful of coins we’re proud to have come through our hands.

The 1913 V-Nickel

In the early 1960’s, Jack M. Baxter briefly handled one of the famed 1913 Liberty Head Nickels, of which only five are known to exist. In 2010, one of the 1913 specimens realized a price of $3.7 million dollars:


The 1792 Half Disme

Jack L. Dempsey has handled several 1792 Half Disme’s in the 40+ years he has been a rare coin dealer.  The first U.S. coin, ordered by President George Washington to be produced, is rumored to be partially made using silver owned by Martha Washington.  In January of 2013, one of these rarities brought upwards of $1.4 million dollars:


1999 Penny Dime Mule

Arguably the rarest error coin in existence, the 1999 Penny Dime mule was struck on copper plated zinc, using the obverse of a Lincoln Cent paired with the reverse of a Roosevelt dime.  Purchased by Jack L. and Jack M. Dempsey, we originally sold this coin for an undisclosed amount to a private collector in 2005.  This coin most recently sold in a Texas auction for $138,000:


1875 $5 Liberty Gold Piece

Tied for finest known, Chris Dempsey handled this previously unknown specimen in January of 2012.  One of the top 100 U.S. rare coins, this coin is one of nine known.  The last publicly auctioned specimen sold for $149,500:


George Washington “Bo” Hughes – “Dicer” Hobo Nickel

Arguably the most famous hobo nickel, Chris Dempsey acquired this coin at auction in January of 2013 for a record price of $24,200.  The obverse is carved into a standard hobo.  Darwin, D.C. 39’ likely refers to the place and year the coin was carved.  The reverse carving is of a boxcar with three hobos adorning it:



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