Social Media

The Face of Facebook at Dempsey & Baxter


This is Jess. She has been our resident Facebook expert since early in 2012. Dempsey & Baxter joined Facebook in 2010 when Chris and Jack M. Dempsey set it up. Also the resident photographer, graphic designer and a sales associate, Jess continued to build Dempsey & Baxter’s Facebook presence by creating Trollbead promotions for events. Prior to working at Dempsey & Baxter, Jess also assisted a local gallery with their Facebook presence. 

Her background includes a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing and a minor in Photography at Edinboro University. When I spoke with her recently, Jess said she enjoys promoting product lines through more visual imagery on Facebook, creating ads and  says that, “There are endless opportunities here at Dempsey & Baxter.” Like all of the other staff, Jess is a valuable part of the team. We are grateful to her for all that she does to make Dempsey & Baxter a favorite with customers!

If you haven’t visited our Dempsey & Baxter Facebook page, feel free to visit! Like us to follow updates and special offers through your news feed. Here is the link: 


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