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Having FUN at The Florida Numismatists Convention


Recently Jack, Sherri and Chris Dempsey attended the F.U.N. or “Florida United Numismatists” Convention. There were over 1500 dealers and exhibitors, as well as 15,000 coin collectors who bought and sold rare coins there. Dempsey & Baxter’s late founder Jack Baxter in addition to Jack L., Jack M., Chris and Sherri, have been involved with the professional organization for many years. The show also features coin seminars, club meetings, auctions and awards.


Chris Dempsey also won an award there for the hobo nickels website he designed:

Hobo Nickel Website

Coin World recently published a story about the record-breaking $24K hobo nickel that Chris purchased at one of the F.U.N. Convention auctions. There were similar stories posted or linked on and other sites. The hobo nickel story was also published on the Dempsey & Baxter blog and on Google+.


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