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The World of Jewelry Manufacturing

This is Dave.

dave on computer-1
The finished model. Right – wire model. Left – finished render. Photo  by Jessica.

Welcome to Dave’s world. Dave is one of the jewelers at Dempsey & Baxter that does manufacturing, customer design work and metals restoration. Below are some of Dave’s renderings of a customer’s wedding ring design using state of the art technology at D & B. It all starts with a digital drawing that is created in collaboration with a customer. This technology allows customers to view what their piece would look like from all viewpoints as seen below:




All images Copyrighted 2012 Dempsey & Baxter. Piece designed by Dave.

This technology makes it easier for customers to visualize what their dream engagement ring or other jewelry design would look like. Dempsey & Baxter is the only jewelry store in the region that uses the latest advances in technology to design and manufacture custom pieces. Also customers that design their wedding rings at D & B get to keep the original renderings of their designs!

Ta-da! This is the completed wedding ring that was created for a specific customer:

Copyright 2012 Dempsey & Baxter. Designed by Dave. Photo by Jessica.

Anyone out there have a story of a piece of jewelry that Dempsey & Baxter created for them? Let us know and we would be glad to share your story!


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