Thoughts on “The Blue Bead” from The Jeweler’s Bench

Piece Designed by Eric Rothrock, Photo by Jess Metzler

Eric Rothrock, one of our jewelers at Dempsey & Baxter, designed the necklace created for the customer that found the blue bead while diving. We shared Carolyn’s story yesterday (with her permission) in “Customer Discovers Blue Bead in The Sea: Her Diving Story Inspires a Custom Jewelry Design.”

Here is Eric’s story about blue bead:

When Carolyn brought in her blue glass bead, I thought it was an unusual request. Many jewelers might wrap the bead with wire or put a large jump ring through the center so that it could be worn as a necklace. I knew that those options were not as special as something that could be designed that would celebrate her find.

When I met with Carolyn, she told me about the history of the bead and the story about how she found it. I was excited with the responsibility for transforming this blue bead into a work of art. We talked about the possibility of making it into a bubble pendant since the bead’s opening was only 3mm. wide. Next we talked about other stones such as small peridot and blue topaz being added and it was decided that I would use tsavorite garnets and ceylon sapphires. I felt it was important that the design look organic and almost coral-like to imitate elements of the ocean. The piece seemed to be unique enough to honor the perfect ending to a great vacation story!


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